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Wantakerepictures.com is a place of artistic impressions and expressions of emerging styles and trends in entertainment, music, fashion and passions, dedicated to the African community in diaspora and back home on the great continent. We help to capture and share simple and extraordinary moments in time with family, friends and admirers. 

Wanta Kere

At a tender age amongst my friends I developed a likeness for story telling and as I grew older it became a part of me. Sometimes it was really hard to convince people about very simple things that I had witnessed and there was always a need to show some proof but I had none but the truth I knew I was telling. And then the thought started to develop in my mind that if I could take pictures of some of the things or events I witnessed it would make a whole lot of difference.

This prompted me to get a point and shoot camera and I started to click shots. While other boys my age were using all the money they got to look good and have fun I was on the other side buying films and spending all I got to print pictures.

 When I had boxes full of pictures my older brother felt it was time for me to take it seriously because it was clear I was having fun and really into it. Then he made me sad by revealing to me that all I was doing was not photography, but the good thing was he would introduce me to somebody who would teach me. 

 On the appointed day I met a great Craftsman and Mason Mr Don Barber at his Studio. After a little talk I was ready to go. Don helped me pick up my first camera and started me up on Introduction to Black and White Photography. 

I believe i am made for Photography. To go where others cannot go, to see what others don’t notice. And to bring all these out in pictures to inspire, to inform, to educate, to entertain and most of all to offer a service.


Among the many great Photographers of the past present and future I have been chosen to also serve as a Photographer and make my mark. Here is the greatest opportunity on offer that would see me achieving my dreams of working for and with the right people to make a name for myself in this Profession I love and I have dedicated myself to.

Our Ideal Partners


Posh Hills

Posh Hills Promotion Company exist as an international based record label in Malaysia whose mission is to promote various African music groups or artists, also increasing live appearances and record sales. Posh Hills Record has been established to promote it’s brands and sole artists and at the same time make a fair profit.